Our Story

Tony Tom started A Bicycle Odyssey in 1975 when he realized he wanted to spend his life around bikes. The shop has since become a fixture of Sausalito and a favorite of Marin County locals.  

The Team

Tony Tom

Tony is founder and owner of A Bicycle Odyssey. A lifelong bicycle enthusiast, Tony owned his first bike at the age of ten–he rode it once and then promptly proceeded to take it apart. At sixteen, Tony read Rachel Carson's Silent Spring and knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life around bicycles. In 1975, Tony opened A Bicycle Odyssey. Though employees have naturally come and gone through the decades, Tony remains grateful and appreciative to the entire Bicycle Odyssey family.

Jeremy D'Antonio

At the age of 13, Jeremy fell in love with his first bike—a Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo—and he’s never looked back. Jeremy got his start racing nationals on the junior circuit in Boulder and now has over 23 years of wrenching experience. Jeremy’s other passions include gardening and playing the guitar—check out his band Tiny Television the next time you’re in the Bay Area.

Peter Hilby

Overweight Cat-2 cyclocross racer, chef, DJ, and lover of fluffy dogs, Pete is a Shimano STEC-certifed mechanic, and has multiple e-bike-factory certifications.  Pete can bleed yer brakes while giving free advice on driving your bike.

Phil Davies

Phil learned to ride when he was 7and his passion for cycling grew from there, especially when his BMX friends built a pump track in his backyard. His first job was paperboy, which allowed him to ride even more. A few years later, Phil learned to work on bikes when he moved to Germany and he's been doing so for the past 15 years. 

Footage from the Shop
Friends of Odyssey

We'd like to acknowledge the following people for their longtime friendship and support of A Bicycle Odyssey!

Elvin Padillo     Will Russo          Richard Weiner

Nick Chadira  Tim Marks           Jeff Ne

Lysun Seto       Carolyn Wang   Alicia & Noel Miller

Marc Voegl     Bill Miller           Mark Dines

Erick Martinez  Robin Williams





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