Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a virtual shop or any further online sales?

Unfortunately Katherine and Yoongi (Tony's two daughters) have very full lives of their own and won't be maintaining a bicycle business in the name of the Odyssey. No decision has been made for further online sales as of this writing.

Will there be some tribute to Tony and/or memorial at some point?


We're working on this -- we've had a lot of interest/inquiry. We will maintain this website and the Instagram/Facebook/Twitter accounts for those who want to keep following Odyssey virtually. We'll make announcements that way and in the meantime -- we've been reading all the comments and photos, sentiments and we thank you so very much.

I have a bike, gift certificate or gear at the shop, what happens after the March sale?

We no longer have a physical shop but will do our best to continue to administer to unfinished business. Please email with your request.

Footage from the Shop
Friends of Odyssey

We'd like to acknowledge the following people for their longtime friendship and support of A Bicycle Odyssey!

Elvin Padillo     Will Russo          Richard Weiner

Nick Chadira  Tim Marks           Jeff Ne

Lysun Seto       Carolyn Wang   Alicia & Noel Miller

Marc Voegl     Bill Miller           Mark Dines

Erick Martinez  Robin Williams